Loaded with tons of chopped & dropped, flamed & scalloped Leadsleds, Custom Rods, Street Cruisers & Kustom Kemps.

Plus all these Kool Departments!

KKOA President, Jerry Titus, is a kustom nut, who's lived in the fab 50's, built tons of kustoms, and done his fair share of kustom painting. So, in between paint coats, he manages to scribble out an editorial page every issue about anything "kustom." You may agree with him, or you may not, but you can be assured of one thing: It'll always be kustomized jive from a gallon five!

Members Rackin' Off is not a blast from their Smitty twin-packs, but instead, lots of letters we receive from fellow KKOA members. You'll flip out over some, overheat at others, and maybe even choke-up a little. No matter what the topic, they're all written with kustom soul. You'll dig it.




One of our most popular departments, Bluejean Rappin' is the latest news from around the world of kustomizing. You'll see kemps under construction. You'll read about the latest kustom products for your projects. Find out what kemp'ers are doing in their garages, and news about upcoming KKOA events. Great department to keep you in the know.


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